How to Design a Kid-Friendly Bathroom: Finding The Perfect Kids Bathtub and More

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When it comes to creating a bathroom for your little ones, there’s much more to consider than just the aesthetics. You’re crafting a space that needs to be safe, functional, and of course, fun! 

A crucial element in this setup is the bathtub. It’s not just a place for your kids to get clean; it’s often a centerpiece for playtime and relaxation (and, somewhere you may also be spending lots of time, especially with younger kids). So, does a kids’ bathroom need a bathtub? Are freestanding tubs suitable for children? Let’s dive into these questions and explore how to design a delightful and practical bathroom for kids.

Are Freestanding Tubs A Good Choice for Kids Bathrooms?

Meet, The Maia Tub: A Kid-Friendly Option

When considering a bathtub for a children’s bathroom, the Maia tub from our Contemporary Collection stands out as an excellent option. At 55 inches long and 21.6 inches tall, it’s not only sufficient in size for kids as they grow but also convenient for parents bathing smaller children. What’s more, it can be customized in fun colors from the RAL-K color Chart, making it an exciting addition to any child’s bathroom.

are freestanding bathtubs a good idea for a kids bathroom

Why Choose a Freestanding Tub for Your Kids’ Bathroom

Easy Visibility

One significant advantage of a freestanding tub, especially in a kids’ bathroom, is the ease of visibility. Unlike traditional tubs that are fixed against a wall, a freestanding tub can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. This setup ensures you have a clear line of sight when your children are bathing, crucial for their safety and your peace of mind.

Variety of Sizes

Freestanding tubs come in various sizes, typically ranging from 54 to 60 inches. This flexibility allows you to accommodate more than one child at a time, making bath time more efficient and enjoyable for siblings. Plus, you can select a size that perfectly fits the dimensions of your bathroom.

Safety Considerations

When compared to clawfoot and pedestal tubs, which are often higher off the ground, freestanding tubs offer a safer alternative. They are closer to the ground, reducing the risk of injuries when children get in and out of the tub.

kids bathroom ideas

How to Create a Fun and Safe Bathroom for Kids

Choose Kid-Friendly Designs and Themes

When designing a bathroom for children, selecting a theme that is both fun and appealing to them is important. Incorporate colors, patterns, and accessories that resonate with your child’s interests. From ocean themes to color concepts, the possibilities are endless.

Prioritize Comfort and Safety

Comfort and safety should be at the forefront of your design. Choose slip-resistant and waterproof tiles and bath mats to prevent accidents. Consider installing a pull-out step stool or a step stool in the bathroom vanity drawer to help smaller children reach the faucet and the toilet seat easily.

Add Colorful Accents and Accessories

Brighten up the bathroom with colorful accents and accessories. Colorful plastic bins for storing bathroom essentials, playful shower curtains, and vibrant bath mats can make the bathroom more inviting and exciting for kids, and can easily swap out for sleeker options as they age. 

Don’t Forget the Practical Aspects

While focusing on the fun elements, don’t overlook practical aspects like adequate storage for bath toys, towels, and toiletries. Ensure that everything is within reach for your children, fostering their independence.

Designing a kid-friendly bathroom is about balancing fun, functionality, and safety. A freestanding tub like the Maia can be a perfect addition, offering comfort, safety, and the opportunity for customization. By considering these aspects, you can create a bathroom that your kids will love and one that you can have peace of mind about. With the right design choices, bath time can become one of the most enjoyable parts of their day!


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