What is a Stone Resin Bathtub?

what is a stone resin bathtub

Unlike “mined stone” bathtubs, stone resin is man-made and made to look (and act) like natural stone. Stone resin presents the perfect balance between acrylic tubs and mined-stone, retaining most of the benefits of both… without any of the drawbacks!  Tyrrell and Laing InspireStone™ stone resin bathtubs are made from our proprietary blend of crushed […]

High-End Bathroom Design

high-end bathroom design

In the home design world, there are two main categories you can sort your design into: builder-grade, and high-end or custom.  But, have you ever wondered what the difference between the two is, and what exactly a high-end bathroom entails?  What is a high-end bathroom? While the phrase “builder-grade” typically refers to the cheapest materials […]

What are the Different Styles of Freestanding Bathtubs?

double ended freestanding bathtub

When you first start to search for freestanding bathtubs for your home or hotel remodel project, all of the various options can start to feel overwhelming! Single Ended Freestanding Tub Our custom designed, state-of-the-art single ended freestanding bathtub is the Rosebud. Raised on one end with an end drain (as opposed to center), this tub […]

58″ Alcove Bathtub

58" alcove bathtub

Today we are spotlighting the most comfortable one-bather bathtub on the market, that brings the perfect space-saving luxury to your small or alcove bathroom.  To top off the beauty of this bathtub, it was carefully and meticulously designed by Tyrrell and Laing founder, Glyn Laing.  In 2005, Glyn knew it was time to act on […]

What is a Garden Style Bathtub?

garden style bathtubs

Garden style bathtubs have been astronomically growing in popularity lately – but you may be wondering what exactly the difference is between a garden style bathtub and any other freestanding bathtub.  Today, we’re here to break down everything you need to know about garden style bathtubs!  Starting with their key differentiators. Garden style freestanding bathtubs […]

FAQ: Bathtub Installations

should a plumber install my bathtub

Designing your dream bathroom and choosing your tub is one thing… but the more difficult step that comes next is actually installing that beautiful tub in your bathroom. And that part tends to come with a lot of questions!  In this blog post, we are breaking down some of the most common questions we hear […]

Can You Put A bathtub Outside?

can you put a freestanding bathtub outside

Of course! Bathtubs make a beautiful addition to your luxury garden, patio, or other outdoor space. But before you go and put your bathtub outside, it’s important to know a few specifications about your tub, and the location you plan to place it.  For example, will the bathtub be exposed to direct sunlight for extended […]

Can You Make a Custom Bathtub?

custom freestanding bathtub

Custom bathtubs are quickly becoming the statement of luxury in home and hotel design.  Rather than settling for the same old thing that everyone else has, in the same old color you see time and time again, why not create something completely custom?  In this blog, we are going to break down the steps of […]

What is a Wet Room?

what is a wet room

To put it simply, a wet room is a bathroom that can get completely wet.  The main flooring is the same level as the shower floor, and there is no enclosure between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. All of the walls and tiles are sealed to prevent any water leakages, and wet […]

What Soaking Tub is Best?

best soaking bathtub for small bathroom

When you are looking to buy a new freestanding soaker tub, there are countless options out there for you to consider. Today, we want to make your process a little easier by sharing Tyrrell and Laing, world-class luxury bathtubs with you.  T & L Bathtubs can be found in homes around the world as well […]