Bathtubs that Look Like Stone

bathtubs that look like stone

  When you search for stone bathtubs, you’ll probably learn that they are a good material option because of the heat retention, sturdiness, and length of use. However, here are some things that may not be as readily available.  Stone bathtubs are incredibly high maintenance because of how porous stone naturally is. With a stone […]

Oval Freestanding Bathtubs

oval freestanding bathtub

One of the most popular and commonly-seen shapes for freestanding soaker tubs is an oval. Naturally, the oval freestanding bathtub is the most ergonomic and comfortable shape for bathing as the curves of the tub naturally fit the curves of your body. Freestanding Tub for Two  Do you enjoy taking a bath with your partner? […]

Black Bathtubs

black freestanding bathtub

If you’ve been around Pinterest or have followed home design accounts on any social platform recently, you’ve likely noticed a rise in the black bathtub trend. While more muted colors like whites and grays have been standard in bathroom design for years, and generally have a wider mass appeal, more and more people have been […]

Is Remodeling your Bathroom Worth it?

why should i renovate my bathroom

Bathroom remodels can be an incredibly daunting project – not only is it one of the most value-influencing rooms in your house, it’s also where you spend a ton of time. It’s a room that your guests will most likely visit, and one of the easiest rooms to make remodeling mistakes.  In this blog post, […]

Freestanding Bathtub Design Ideas

freestanding bathtub ideas

Freestanding bathtubs are so versatile. Whether it’s shape, size, color or material – the options are endless! Let’s discuss freestanding bathtubs and color options from T & L International. Do Bathtubs Come in Different Colors? Yes, T & L Bathtubs are offered in a selection of colors with the option for custom colors (we will […]

Which Freestanding Bathtub Shape is the Best?

black freestanding bathtub

Freestanding bathtubs are available in many different styles, sizes, colors, and materials, to fit everyone’s preferences and vision for their space. Tyrrell and Laing offer luxury freestanding bathtubs and basins to fit almost any style. Beautiful curves and generous dimensions make our tubs the eye-catching centerpiece of any luxury bathroom. What better place to relax […]

Bathtubs in Bedrooms: Should You Try It?

freestanding bathtub in a bedroom

The last time you vacationed at a luxury resort, you may have wondered why the bathtubs were in the bedrooms instead of the bathrooms. Luxury and boutique hotels are credited with starting the sometimes polarizing trend of situating bathtubs in bedrooms, but that doesn’t mean its popularity ends there. We’re seeing more and more homeowners, […]

Luxury Freestanding Bathtubs – Calcutta Finish

luxury freestanding calcutta bathtub

T & L bathtubs is synonymous with premium quality and sophisticated design. We are thrilled to unveil our NEW Calcutta Bathtub Finish available in our Contemporary Bathtub Collection. Our Calcutta finish is the crown jewel of our T & L luxury bathtub collection. This classic finish features swirls of white and natural tones throughout the entire bathtub. […]

Black Bathtub Drain

matte black bathtub drain

The traditional bathtub drain was largely left untouched for centuries — that is until now. We have revolutionized the standard bathtub drain with our incredibly smart drain design. Not only have we changed the way it functions, but we have manufactured them in matte black finishes to cater to the every growing “black bathroom trend”. […]

5 Luxury Bathroom Ideas

freestanding bathtub with a view

Adding a freestanding bathtub to your bathroom design always adds a sense of luxury and style. Not only is it a beautiful focal point, it serves a wonderful purpose and sets the tone for pure relaxation. We have compiled 5 truly magnificent bathroom designs featuring our freestanding bathtubs. We hope they inspire you to create […]