What is a Good Size for a Freestanding Tub?

Titan freestanding bathtub

Determining the best size freestanding bathtub for your bathroom isn’t as complicated as one may think. Let’s breakdown some options so that you can decide what will work best for your bathroom design. Before you begin – measure how much space you have. This will help you narrow down your search and hopefully eliminate options […]

Freestanding bathtubs – how to choose the right one for your bathroom?

How to choose a freestanding bathtub

Tyrrell and Laing offer luxury freestanding bathtubs and basins with the look and feel of natural stone. Beautiful curves and generous dimensions make our tubs the eye-catching centerpiece of any luxury bathroom. What better place to relax after a stressful day than in one of our tubs. When it comes to choosing a freestanding tub […]

5 Best Freestanding Bathtubs for Small Spaces

Athena freestanding bathtub matte black

In a world of sacrificing comfort for aesthetics, it is nice to see the rise of modern trends that combine design and functionality. An impressive example of this is the increasing popularity of space saving luxury bathtubs for small bathrooms. It is not so much about the aesthetics, but more about convenience and practicality when […]

Freestanding Bathtubs for Two

freestanding bathtub for two

Do you enjoy taking a bath with your partner? If you’ve been looking for a large freestanding tub that allows you to soak with your partner comfortably, you are in the right place. We’ll guide you through the process of choosing the right bathtub for two so that you can enjoy relaxing in a bubbly […]

Freestanding Bathtubs with Air Jets

hot air massage jetted bathtub

While searching for the perfect freestanding bathtub for your bathroom you will have an important decision to make: freestanding soaking bathtub or a jetted tub? Often times you have to decide between one or the other because a freestanding bathtub that features the water jet option often has hardware that can be uncomfortable while bathing. […]

5 Master Bathroom Ideas for 2021

Imperia freestanding bathtub

The Master Bathroom in the house is generally known for being large and sometimes extravagant. This room typically has all the extra amenities that create a lavish experience both at the start and end of the day. We have put together some of our favorite bathrooms for inspiration for your next remodel. 1. Open and […]

What is Costa Rica known for?

tyrrell and laing

Costa Rica is known for phenomenal national parks, stunning beaches and luxury vacations. One destination spot that really stands out is The Villa Manzu. Our Designer Spotlight for the month of July features LADCO Resort Design Group. Terri, Lynn and their incredible design team contacted us while searching for luxurious freestanding bathtubs for the 8 […]

Matte Black Freestanding Bathtub – The Poseidon

poseidon freestanding black bathtub tyrrell and laing

  Matte black freestanding bathtubs are on everyone’s radar right now.  Interior designers are introducing concepts incorporating matte black to their clients portfolios. Homeowners thinking about remodeling their bathrooms are creating vision boards including everything black. Black faucets, bathtubs, toilets, floor tiles, wall tiles, appliances, the list goes on. If you weren’t thinking about upgrading […]

Black Bathroom Accessories Ideas

White freestanding bathtub in bathroom with matte black accessories

Transform your bathroom with a few small upgrades to achieve an elegant, yet trendy design. Changing a few accessories are quick and easy and will make a big impact. Below you will find a couple of ideas to make your bathroom look and feel new and fresh! Faucets and Accessories Matte Black faucets are a […]

What is the Best Bathtub Material?

tyrrell and laing rosebud bathtub

Selecting the best bathtub for your bathroom is one of the many decisions you need to make when remodeling your bathroom. From faucets, finishes, and accessories the list goes on. A major part of the process is deciding which bathtub material will best suit your bathing needs. We will explore a few of the more […]