Below are some answers to questions commonly asked about our services and products. If you have an additional questions, feel free to contact us.

What is T and L InspireStone®?

Inspirestone® is T and L’s proprietary stone composite material. InspireStone® has the appearance and beauty of natural stone without the excess weight. It is the perfect balance between luxury and durability. Made from a stone composite and polyester resin, our InspireStone® material maintains the heat of the water for a longer and more enjoyable soak.

Please note that we do not use acrylic in our manufacturing.

What are your lead times?

Our Deluxe Bathtub Collection lead time is roughly 4 weeks.

Our Contemporary Bathtub Collection lead time is roughly 16 weeks. 

These tend to vary from time to time, so please refer to the product pages at time of purchase

How heavy are T and L Bathtubs?

Unlike natural stone, our stone composite bathtubs vary in weight from 200lbs – 340 lbs. This does not require reinforcement of your floor, provided that the building is structurally sound. The weight of the filled bathtub should not be of concern, however please consult an engineer or architect.

What is the difference between matte and gloss finishes?

Gloss finishes are shiny, whereas matte finishes are not. Our matte finish is by far the more popular and give the appearance of natural stone. At the end of the day, this is personal preference and we’re happy to help you decide what option works best for your bathroom project.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email to request samples.

What is included with a purchase of a bathtub?

We include our custom drains with the purchase of a bathtub. They are available in various finishes to match your faucet finish or tub color.

We will gladly send you a template of the bathtub for rough-in purposes.

You may purchase an Island Drain to facilitate with installation. They are available in PVC, ABS or Cast Iron.

Do T and L bathtubs have overflows?

Yes, all of our bathtubs (with the exception of the Romantique) include our integral overflows. The overflow is built into the wall of our bathtubs to maintain the beauty of our bathtubs and shows as a slit on the inside wall of the tub.

No external hardware is needed.

Can I add hot air massage to my bathtub?

Hot air massage units are available in our Oceanus, Imperia, Adoni and Rhondamay freestanding bathtubs. All of our other bathtubs are soaker tubs.

Are T and L bathtubs easy to keep clean?

Our InspireStone® material is stain resistant and easy to clean. Routine cleaning with mild, non-abrasive soap will ensure your finish stays beautiful and provide a lifetime of luxury soaking.

Our material is non-porous, mold and mildew resistant.

Our durable finishes have been strictly tested for staining. Rigorous testing using coffee, wine, nail polish, permanent marker have been performed.

Please see our Care and Cleaning Guide.

What is an Island Drain and is it necessary for installation?

The Island Drain was created to facilitate easy installation of freestanding bathtubs. Please see the video below for more info.

Island Drain Information

Although you do not need one with purchase, it is helpful and your plumber will be grateful.

Which collection offers black finishes?

Our Contemporary Bathtub Collection is available in black matte or gloss.

Our beautiful black finishes provide a timeless sophistication to your bathroom retreat. Our classic white finishes are inviting and revitalizing. You will love your new T & L Bathtub regardless of whether you choose a traditional color scheme or a trendy one.

Do you offer custom colors and sizes?

Yes we do! We offer custom colors and sizes for projects. Please send us your requirements so we can assist you.

Which bathtub is ideal for two people?

Depending on the height of the bathers – most of our tubs are perfect for two person bathing. Our Imperia, Slipper and Oceanus Bathtubs from our Contemporary Bathtub Collection have proved to be our most popular. 

Our Contemporary Bathtub Collection was created with many sizes and shapes for endless possibilities. Explore your options here.

One of our experts will guide you through all the options to find the best one for you.

Can I purchase directly from T and L?

You can either purchase directly from our website or give us a call to place your order. 

If you are working on a large project please contact us directly.