Eco friendly freestanding bathtub
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Eco Smart Freestanding Bathtub

The Eco tub uses less hot water than similar sized tubs

T & L Eco Freestanding Bathtub is ergonomically designed to conserve our planet’s resources by using less water. It is popular with eco-friendly building projects as well as with those mindful of their impact on the environment.

Without compromising comfort or luxury, our Eco Bathtub is the perfect solution to an Earth Friendly approach.

T & L InspireStone™ is sustainably sourced and GREEN Certified. It is a fully recyclable material and free of harmful Acrylic resins.

Eco freestanding tub

An Eco freestanding tub in a French ski chalet

Relax completely for 20 minutes a day - unless you're busy - in which case take an hour.

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Eco Bathtub Specifications

The Eco-friendly Bathtub

Available in a range of matte and gloss finishes. Please see our brochure for details.

Please call us for retail prices, trade prices and competitive volume discounts for multiple tubs.