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Tyrrell & Laing designed luxury freestanding bathtubs and basins can be found in 5-star hotels and private residences all over the world.

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T & L InspireStone™ Luxury Freestanding Bathtubs

Enriched by the essence of the Earth, T & L InspireStone™ is an unprecedented material motivated by sophisticated craftsmanship.

T & L InspireStone™ exclusive technology exemplifies high performance that is appreciated for generations. Our stone composite material has the appearance and beauty of natural stone without the excessive weight. It is the perfect balance between luxury and durability. Our certified formula provides the epitome of hygiene and wellness.

Our luxury freestanding bathtubs and basins are handcrafted and meticulously devoted to absolute beauty, making them the first choice for prestigious design firms worldwide.

T & L has a wide range of luxury freestanding bathtubs, basins and drop-in tubs catering to 5-star Hotels, Resorts and private residences.

Appealing to the senses, our luxurious silky smooth finishes are warm to the touch, ultimately elevating your bathing experience.

Tubs Designed to Optimize your Bathing Experience

Not all bathtubs are created equal. T & L has dedicated the last 15 years to perfecting the bathing experience. Endless hours of designing and testing has resulted in the ultimate comfortable soak.

Ergonomically designed to fit your body, our bathtub designs ensure that you will melt into the utmost state of tranquility.

T & L’s InpsireStone™ stone composite formula maintains the heat of the water creating a longer more enjoyable soak. 

Our expert team can guide you to select your ideal bathtub to complete your personal sanctuary. 

There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know any of them

Sylvia Plath

Luxury freestanding bathtubs

The Oceanus is our best selling luxury freestanding tub. It is suitable for residential homes, hotels and lodges. The Imperia is a stunning, large luxury bathtub for two people and is available as a jetted bathtub.

If your bathroom is small then we offer a range of small tubs. The Adoni is a luxury small tub while the Rosebud is a compact freestanding bathtub for small bathrooms and condos.

We have a classic Slipper tub and an Eco tub that uses less hot water than similarly sized tubs.

We also have the Rondamay, the ultimate round tub.

Hotel Projects

Hotel projects

Our freestanding luxury bathtubs and air spas can be found in luxury 5-star hotels in the USA and worldwide. Find out more about our customers and their projects.

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