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USA made freestanding tubs and basins

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Luxury freestanding bathtubs, spas and basins

Freestanding bathtubs and soaker bathtubs

Our freestanding bathtubs look and feel like natural stone
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Oceanus bathtub


Our best selling tub

MSRP $10,725

Imperia two person bathtub


Large tub for two

MSRP $12,650

Neptune cost-friendly tub


Contemporary tub

MSRP $6,280

Rosebud small tub for one person


Elegant tub for one

MSRP $7,560

Adoni small luxury bath


Luxury small tub

MSRP $9,725

Eco friendly bathtub


Eco friendly tub

MSRP $7,560

An elegant Slipper tub


Classic slipper tub

MSRP $7,560

Petit small bath


Small freestanding tub

MSRP $6,960

Rhondamay round bathtub


Large round tub

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Linnia rectangular bathtub


Rectangular tub

MSRP $7,560

Petit small tub


Freestanding basins

MSRP $590

Rhondamay round tub


Luxury spa experience

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Luxury bathtubs, soaker tubs and basins

Our luxury bathtubs, soaker tubs, and basins are made in the USA and are the first choice tub for 5-star hotels and lodges, as well as residential homes and condos in the USA, and around the world.

Our freestanding bathtubs are made from a unique organic composite material that has the appearance and beauty of natural stone without the excessive weight, which means they can be installed in the average home or condo.

Beautiful curves and generous dimensions make our bathtubs the eye-catching centerpiece of any luxury bathroom.

Tyrrell & Laing bathtubs

The ultimate freestanding tubs

The Oceanus is our best selling luxury freestanding tub. It is suitable for residential homes, hotels and lodges. The Imperia is a large luxury bathtub for two people and is available as a spa tub.

If your bathroom is small then we offer a range of small tubs. The Adoni is a luxury small tub while the Rosebud is a compact tub for small bathrooms and condos.

We have a classic Slipper tub and an Eco tub that uses less hot water than similarly sized tubs. We also have the Rondamay, the ultimate round tub.

Luxury stone bathtub

What our clients say about us

The product is well constructed and finished, and the experience in our recent Four Seasons Denver Private Residences project proved you have good production capacities and exceptional client response. The Denver project had a supplier problem mid-construction, and your firm stepped up to the plate and corrected the issues in a most professional manner.

Janice Clausen
Clausen Chewning Interior Design

Key features of our bathtubs

  • Our freestanding bathtubs are made from organic materials and are hard-wearing, stain resistant and easy to keep clean.
  • Our bathtubs are comfortable, warm to the touch and non-slip.
  • Our double-ended design with center drain facilitates two person bathing on most of our tubs.
  • Our products are certified to IAPMO (UPC) and IPC (International Plumbing Codes) as well as ANSI International standards for structural strength and resilience.
  • We offer a 10 year warranty.
  • Our tubs do not contain aluminum trihydrate or acrylic resin.
Luxury freestanding tub
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