freestanding bathtub for two

Freestanding Bathtubs for Two

Do you enjoy taking a bath with your partner? If you’ve been looking for a large freestanding tub that allows you to soak with your partner comfortably, you are in the right place. We’ll guide you through the process of choosing the right bathtub for two so that you can enjoy relaxing in a bubbly spa tub with your special someone.

Size and Space

Determining how much space you have in your bathroom for your new tub for two is the first step. Since you will most likely need a spacious bathtub, the size of your bathroom is important. Often times, this can be the overwhelming first step.

Many homeowners have a difficult time determining which size bathtubs will fit and in turn they shy away from going through with their remodel.

The solution – request a template! This is something you will receive in the mail and it is simply a paper cut out of the circumference of the bathtub. This way you can physically lay it down in your bathroom so you are comfortable with the size and make sure it works perfectly with your design.

Bather’s Heights

How tall are you and your partner? If you are both in the tub together will you fit comfortably or will you be cramped? The idea is to both fit in a way that is relaxing and your heights will come into factor here. Our Imperia Bathtub is the largest in our Deluxe Bathtub Collection and it is known for accommodating two tall bathers. The Poseidon is the biggest in our Contemporary Collection, this tub is also available in matte black. In our Deluxe Collection we have the Oceanus, Neptune and Slipper Bathtubs that are all great options for two “average height” bathers.

Drain Location

Do you flip a coin to see who ends up sitting on the bathtub drain? T & L Bathtubs for two feature a center drain – crisis averted.

Our beautifully crafted custom drains are also flush with the floor of the bathtub when closed – offering a seamless surface for ultimate comfort.  We offer our drains in a variety of beautiful finishes from Matte Black to Polished Chrome.

Why T & L Bathtubs?

Tyrrell and Laing International, Inc. is passionate about bathtub design and even more so dedicated to delivering the most comfortable, long lasting bathtubs on the market. Our InspireStone™ Material will maintain the heat of the water for a longer soak. Our material is easy to clean even if you use oils or have a “mud bath”. We are a trusted brand of 5 star hotels and resorts around the world, but more importantly we are a trusted brand of homeowners who want excellent customer service and a durable, beautiful product in their home.

“Glyn is extremely personable and helpful with all aspects of the ordering process, and their tubs are far superior than the standard acrylic tubs that dominate the market. We are very satisfied with our purchase!”

– Marie Askel

Not sure which bathtub material is best? Download our simple guide here

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