Adoni bathtub installed in alcove

Can you Install a Freestanding Bathtub in an Alcove?

We often get asked whether it is suitable to install a freestanding bathtub in an alcove. The answer – absolutely!

Freestanding bathtubs have been around for nearly 150 years, and they are still part of every day design. Available in endless shapes, colors and sizes. The freestanding bathtub has really evolved in terms of materials, aesthetics and comfort.

We recently collaborated with the incredibly talented Andria of Andria Fromm Interiors in Nashville. Our customer Jenny was renovating her bathroom and Andria had a stunning vision.

Jenny wanted a shower as well as being able to enjoy soaking in a bathtub. They decided that installing a freestanding bathtub in an alcove they created was the best option to enjoy the best of both worlds. The end result is simply stunning.

She completely transformed the room by wrapping the entire bathroom in tile. A beautiful mix marble, and tile adds dimension to the entire design. Andria integrated some Earthy elements as well, some greenery and wood trim.

Natural light enters from the window centered above the T & L Adoni freestanding jetted bathtub providing a view of the garden. The soft white matte finish on the bathtub gives the appearance of natural stone with a clean crisp finish. Sunlight bounces off the elegant gold accents bringing a charming glow into the bathroom.

A wall mounted or freestanding faucet works beautifully in an alcove. Whether you enjoy simply soaking at the end of a long day or adding a jetted tub option to heighten your at home spa experience, a freestanding bathtub allows your imagination to run wild.

Whether you have a small or spacious bathroom the possibilities are endless.

Thank you Allison Elefante from Ruby and Peach for the beautiful images.

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