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What is the Most Comfortable Soaker Tub?

The Best Soaker Bathtubs

T & L International has spent the last two decades perfecting the bathing experience. It has always been Glyn’s vision to provide comfortable bathing solutions to Bath Lovers around the world.

She has been proven right time and time again that shower enthusiasts turn into bath lovers after a soak in a T & L Bathtub.

Our bathtubs have been meticulously designed for each bather to enjoy every minute of their soaking time. Our bathtubs come in a very large variety of sizes and shapes to fit the needs of each one of our customers. Ergonomically designed to fit the shape of your body, the slopes of our bathtubs provide back support while allowing you to lay back with your body submerged under water.

To say we take bath time seriously is an understatement!

What makes a Bathtub Comfortable?

Back Slope: The slope or backrest of the bathtub plays an important role when it comes to comfortable bathing. Our bathtubs’ curved designs will make you feel as if you are wrapped in a gentle embrace, encouraging you to recline and relax.

Heat Retention: T & L’s proprietary InspireStone™ has been formulated with natural stone which retains the heat of the water for a longer warmer soak.

Drain Location and Design: Most of our bathtubs have a center drain. This feature is perfect for two person bathing because no one wants to sit on the end where the drain is typically located. Having a center drain is ideal, but we decided that wasn’t the ultimate solution. We created a custom drain that is flush with the floor of our bathtubs in our Collections. Why is this important? When relaxing in a T & L Bathtub you don’t have to worry about sitting on an uncomfortable drain.

Correct Tub Size: T & L have a large variety of freestanding bathtubs in endless shapes and sizes. We offer options for both short and tall bathers, and one or two person bathing to provide you with the relaxing tub experience you and your family deserve.

An Upgrade You Will Love for Years to Come

Our bathtubs are constructed for both beauty and durability, ensuring years of reliable service and enjoyment. Let our bathtub experts help you find a bathtub to perfectly match your desires and budget.

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