what is a stone resin bathtub

What is a Stone Resin Bathtub?

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Unlike “mined stone” bathtubs, stone resin is man-made and made to look (and act) like natural stone. Stone resin presents the perfect balance between acrylic tubs and mined-stone, retaining most of the benefits of both… without any of the drawbacks! 

Tyrrell and Laing InspireStone™ stone resin bathtubs are made from our proprietary blend of crushed limestone and polyester resins. Our materials are free of acrylic resins and harmful Aluminum Trihydrates.

As added bonuses, stone resin bathtubs are far less expensive than real stone, they are much lighter in weight, and require no special maintenance or cleaning. Our stone resin bathtubs weigh at most 400 lbs, whereas a mined stone bathtub weighs about 3,000 lbs and oftentimes requires extra supports to be installed in your floor.

Are Stone Baths Better Than Acrylic?

Acrylic bathtubs are popular because they are affordable, lightweight, and non-porous. However, surfaces can easily be scratched, discolored, or damaged, even via cleaning your bathtub. 

When it comes to durability, comfort, quality, and longevity, stone resin bathtubs are far superior to their acrylic counterparts. 

Stone resin bathtubs maintain heat for much longer than acrylic, meaning you can take longer, hotter baths that relax and rejuvenate you in your stone resin tub, rather than stewing in a lukewarm acrylic swamp. 

Not only that, but this heat retention technology actually saves water and energy, since you don’t constantly have to refresh and reheat the bath water when you’re meant to be relaxing. 

T & L InspireStone™ stone resin is an unprecedented material motivated by sophisticated craftsmanship. Appealing to the senses, our luxurious silky smooth finishes are warm to the touch, ultimately elevating your bathing experience and leaving you satisfied for years. 

are stone baths better than acrylic

Can Stone Resin be Repaired?

We all dread it… you just ordered your beautiful new bathtub, you hire the plumber or contractor to install it, and it accidentally gets damaged in the process. Now what?! 

One time, one of our clients told us how her contractor had accidentally dropped a glass mirror into her new bathtub. For more people, this sounds like a nightmare situation. But luckily for her, she purchased a T&L InspireStone™ tub, meaning it could easily be repaired and restored to perfect condition. 

Stone resin material even stands up to discoloration – during installation in the Park Hyatt Hyderabad, a fire broke out in the building. Our Oceanus Bathtubs had turned yellow from the fire, but they were buffed out afterwards to look brand new, and are still enjoyed in the luxury hotel today!

The beauty of this material is that it is incredibly durable – whether the damage is large or small. Unlike mined stone or acrylic tubs, stone resin is a very sturdy material that you won’t have to worry about ruining with everyday wear. 

How Do You Clean a Stone Resin Bathtub?

Stone resin bathtubs are non-porous, meaning they are easy to clean and maintain, and don’t require any special cleaning or maintenance. However, it’s important to avoid any scouring, and any harsh chemicals or products as they may stress the material and lead to more visible wear. We just recommend cleaning with warm soapy water! 

Our certified stone resin formula provides the epitome of hygiene and wellness. 

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