Orion freestanding bathtub
Soak up the luxury

Orion Freestanding Bathtub

You Deserve a Luxurious Soak

Freestanding or Alcove Bathtub

The Orion freestanding bathtub’s eye-catching design combines a classic look with a contemporary style.

Designed for those who desire a gentle, nurturing soak in a comfortable position, the Orion oval freestanding bathtub is for those who want to escape from everyday stress and tension.

Our beautiful stone resin finishes are available in classic white, or trendy black. Take your bathroom design to new heights with our NEW Onyx and Calcutta finishes. You will love your new T & L Bathtub regardless of whether you choose a traditional color scheme or a trendy one.

Handcrafted in our proprietary InspireStone® stone composite material. Soft to the touch, stain resistant, easy to clean and retain the heat of the water for a longer more enjoyable soak.

Pairs perfectly with our Contemporary Basins – bring your bathroom to life!

Can you install a freestanding bathtub in an alcove? Absolutely! 

See our Alcove Installation Blog Here for inspiration.


orion freestanding luxury bathtub
Orion Freestanding Luxury Bathtub in Calcutta Finish.

It is nice finding that place where you can just go and relax

Orion Bathtub Specifications

Luxury Freestanding Bathtub