Luxury Hotel Bathtubs – The Reefs Resort and Club, Bermuda

We recently had the privilege of designing and manufacturing 38 completely custom bathtubs for The Reefs Resort and Club in Bermuda. 


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Luxury Bermuda Resort

The Reefs Resort and Club is one of the premier resorts in Bermuda, being named #1 in the region by Conde Nast. The Reefs perfectly captures the spirit and energy of Bermuda, and has fun for families, honeymooners, and anyone in between. 

There are several different room options on the property, including a private condo, but each of the rooms faces west towards the ocean. With Tyrrell and Laing bathtubs, now their travelers can enjoy a luxury soak in style! 

Project Challenges 

While we were in the final stages of design, hurricane Ian hit Bermuda, and then Florida (where our offices are located). Luckily, there was no damage to either of our facilities, however, this did definitely put a dent in the timeline. Our team was able to be flexible and accommodating to make sure we met the initial project deadline! 

Another challenge we faced was the design of their rooms and the layout of their previous drains which they wanted to avoid moving. So, we were tasked with finding a similar shaped tub to their previous tubs, which were cracked, and the drain needed to be in the same spot. 

Tyrrell and Laing to the rescue! Our team designed a completely custom tub to fit their exact specifications. And, we retrofitted the drain placement to fit their needs, and fit the tub like a glove into the allotted space. We love a completely custom project, and it was so much fun to come up with an elegantly beautiful design that also fit within their pre-existing space. 

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What is the Best Bathtub Material for Resorts and Hotels

One of the main challenges The Reefs Resort faced prior to working with us is that their previous bathtubs had actually cracked and needed to be replaced. So, in steps T&L’s proprietary InspireStone™ stone resin material. 

Not only is our material warm to the touch, but it also has the beauty and feel of natural stone, without the excess weight – making it an unforgettable bathing experience for your resort’s visitors.

Our certified formula provides the epitome of hygiene and wellness. Plus, the non-porous material is easy to clean and requires no maintenance, making it the perfect choice for hotels and resorts! 


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