blue transparent bathtub

Luxury Hotel Bathtubs – Sandals St. Vincent and the Grenadines Custom Bathtub Project

blue transparent bathtub

Tyrrell and Laing International recently had the privilege of working  on an exciting project that pushed the boundaries of bathtub design in creating 468 custom bathtubs for this luxury resort. When Hospitality Purveyors, Inc. (HPI) approached us with their ambitious vision for their Sandals St. Vincent and the Grenadines bathroom renovations, we knew we were in for something truly special, and now we’re thrilled to share the completion of these designs with you!

The project called for custom freestanding bathtubs with precise drain placements, necessitating meticulous attention to detail and innovative engineering solutions. Our team eagerly rose to the occasion, collaborating closely with the developers and designers to bring their unique vision to life.

Luxury St. Vincent and the Grenadines Resort

Tucked away on its own private cove and bordered by lush forests and gently flowing rivers, this all-inclusive resort offers a haven of serenity and natural splendor. With its peaceful azure waters, majestic rainforests, and stunning white-sand beaches, the island of Saint Vincent remains untouched and ripe for discovery, inviting guests to explore its hidden wonders and embark on exciting new adventures.

Exuding an air of exoticism and laid-back Caribbean living, Sandals St. Vincent captures the essence of island life in its purest form. Embracing the special “joy of life” that defines the Caribbean spirit, the resort offers a wealth of adventures, social interactions, and culinary delights, inviting guests to savor every moment of their stay.


Custom Luxury Outdoor Soaking Tubs

One of the standout features of this project was the request for translucent bathtubs in a specific shade of blue. To achieve this ethereal aesthetic, we turned to our proprietary InspireStone® stone composite material, renowned for its durability and versatility. By carefully manipulating the composition and coloration of the material, we were able to create bathtubs that exuded a tranquil, oceanic vibe.

These translucent tubs, strategically placed on decks and balconies, serve as captivating focal points, inviting guests to immerse themselves in a sea of serenity.

transparent blue soaker tub

Distressed Bathtub Finishes

In addition to custom drain placements and translucent designs, the designers at HPI also expressed a desire for distressed bathtub finishes. They wanted a very specific shade of gray that exuded a distressed aesthetic, reminiscent of weathered wood or aged metal. 

Our team rose to the challenge, color-matching the desired hue and enhancing the finish to achieve the perfect distressed look. One of the standout models for this customization was our Athena Bathtub, which underwent slight modifications to accommodate the resort’s drain placements in addition to the unique color and finish. 

custom bathtub finish

Luxury Hotel Bathroom Design

Sandals St. Vincent and the Grenadines prides itself on offering unparalleled luxury and sophistication to its guests, and the bathrooms in their overwater villas and private suites are no exception. With a combination of custom freestanding bathtubs, translucent designs, and distressed finishes, the resort’s bathrooms epitomize opulence and elegance. Each element is carefully curated to create a serene and indulgent bathing experience, allowing guests to unwind and relax in style.

Custom Freestanding Bathtubs

For those seeking a truly immersive experience, Sandals St. Vincent and the Grenadines also offers accommodations that boast outdoor soaking bathtubs. These luxurious amenities are perfect for guests looking to soak up the breathtaking natural beauty of the Caribbean while indulging in a rejuvenating bath. Set against the backdrop of lush forests, meandering rivers, and azure seas, these private outdoor soaking tubs offer a unique opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy moments of tranquility and serenity.

This custom freestanding bathtub project for Sandals St. Vincent and the Grenadines represent the epitome of luxury and sophistication. Each element has been carefully crafted to provide guests with an unforgettable bathing experience, allowing them to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and tranquility of the Caribbean, and indulge in some much-needed relaxation in the process. 

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