are jetted bathtubs worth it

Are Air Jetted Tubs Worth it?

are jetted bathtubs worth it

When it comes to bathing, there’s nothing quite like the indulgence of a luxurious tub. 

Have you ever considered taking your bath to the next level with an air jetted bathtub? These unique tubs promise an unparalleled level of relaxation, akin to having your very own personal spa experience. In this article, we’ll dive deep into air bathtubs and their immeasurable benefits,  and decide whether they are truly worth the investment.

jetted freestanding bathtub

What is an Air Bathtub?

First things first, let’s clarify what an air bathtub is and how it differs from its counterparts like water jet or whirlpool tubs. 

Air jetted tubs are designed to provide a soothing and massaging experience through the use of air jets. These jets force air through tiny holes located on the bottom and sometimes along the sides of the bathtub, creating a gentle and invigorating sensation. 

What sets them apart from jets or whirlpools is that no water is cycled through the system, making them more hygienic. At T & L, we take hygiene seriously. Our hot air massage systems are not only relaxing, but also self-cleaning. You can bid farewell to concerns about mold or mildew buildup. After each use, these systems automatically blow out any water in the holes along the bottom of the tub, ensuring they are clean and ready for your next bath. 

Moreover, our air jet system is designed to be discreet. The tiny pinhole jets are barely noticeable, with no bulky jets, ensuring your bath is all about relaxation without any discomfort from hardware – whether you enjoy an air bath, or just a simple soak. 

Do Air Tubs have Heaters?

Yes, they do! 

Air bathtubs are equipped with heaters that serve a dual purpose. First, these heaters help retain the warmth of the water for a more extended period, ensuring your bath remains comfortable throughout your soak. Additionally, they heat the air bubbles before they emerge during your bath, adding an extra layer of relaxation and warmth. 

This thoughtful design allows your muscles to relax, your mind to unwind, and your stress to melt away.

Can you use Epsom Salts in an Air Jetted Tub?


Air jetted tubs are versatile when it comes to bath additives. You can enhance your bathing experience by adding Epsom salts or even indulging in the benefits of Himalayan salts. These salts are known for their ability to relieve sore muscles, increase circulation, treat various skin conditions, reduce stress, and offer a host of other advantages. So go ahead and create your own spa-like experience right at home.

can you use epsom salt in an air bath

Bathtubs with Air Jet Options

At T & L, we offer a range of bathtubs that feature our hot air jet option. Our Imperia, Oceanus, and Adoni tubs are designed to provide the ultimate air bath experience. 

These tubs boast a spacious interior and a broad rim, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious soak. Perfect for two-person bathing, they come in both white matte and gloss finishes. Crafted from our proprietary InspireStone® stone composite material, they are not only stain-resistant but also exemplify durability and elegance.

So, are air jetted tubs worth it? With their hygiene features, heating capabilities, and compatibility with bath salts, they certainly add a new dimension to your bathing routine. Elevate your relaxation and discover the world of air baths with T & L. Explore our Deluxe Bathtub collection and find the perfect tub to transform your bathing experience.

Discover Our Deluxe Bathtubs

The luxury of air jetted tubs offers an enticing way to unwind and rejuvenate in the comfort of your own home. Whether you choose to immerse yourself in a solitary soak or share the experience with a loved one, the indulgence of air baths is undeniably worth every bubble.


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