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How to install a freestanding bathtub

A freestanding bathtub is perfect for a remodel bathroom project. But wait! Before you install yours there are a few things you need to know.

We always suggest a licensed plumber install your T & L freestanding bathtub. However, it can be done as a DIY project if you follow our guides and have all the necessary materials. Some knowledge of plumbing is definitely helpful.

Receiving your Freestanding Bathtub

The day has arrived, your T & L freestanding bathtub has been delivered. Now what? We have created simple instructions for receiving your new bathtub.

When your bathtub arrives with the freight carrier please inspect it for damages that may have occurred during transit.
It is imperative that any damages to the crate are noted on the driver’s paperwork. If damages appear to be severe please take pictures and refuse your shipment. Please call us immediately so that we are aware.
If the exterior of the crate appears to be in good shape, please inspect your bathtub within 24-48 hours of receipt following our instructions on how to open a T & L Bathtub crate correctly.

Your bathtub can be inspected while on the pallet and still secured by the straps. Keep the protective wrapping in place while checking for damages.
Although our finishes are repairable for minor mishaps, we always advise caution to avoid a professional repair or replacement. As always please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Bathtub Installation Hints

After lifting the 4 sides and top of the crate, the tub will be left standing strapped to a pallet. Cut the straps holding the tub down.
Leave the tub fully wrapped while getting it into position. This will make it easier to grip and will protect the finish.
The tub can be put on its side on one or two dollies or even a carpet and slid through a doorway if necessary.
Note that the if the waste is exactly in the center of the bathtub ensure that the hole for the P-trap is positioned exactly in the center of where the tub will be placed.
After completion of installation, it is imperative to silicone the base of the bathtub to the floor. This will prevent your bathtub from tipping.
To protect the bathtub, we suggest leaving the wrapping on the tub until all work is finished and all trades have left the room. The tub should be the very last item to go into the room after all trades have left the job site; this will minimize possible damage to the tub. If however an accident occurs (for example someone drops a hammer in it) the finish can be
repaired on site.

Routine cleaning with a soft sponge or cloth with non-abrasive household cleaner is all that is needed to give many years of trouble free service. We recommend cleaning agents in the form of a multi-purpose spray or liquid variety common in the household section of most stores. The use of hard abrasives may cause scratching, discoloration and dullness to the surface.

Download our Care and Cleaning Guide: here

Download our Installation instructions here

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