Elevate your Bathroom Style with Black Bathtubs

black freestanding bathtub

A common misconception is that black bathtubs are an unusual choice, yet they are at the heart of a rising trend in contemporary bathroom design.  With a timeless allure, these striking bathtubs are now a popular choice for those seeking a bold, modern aesthetic. A black bathtub can serve as an elegant focal point, creating […]

Are Round Soaking Tubs Comfortable

comfortable round bathtubs

Choosing the perfect bathtub can significantly elevate your bathroom luxury to the next level – but how do you know which one to choose?  While oval bathtubs frequently claim the top spot for comfort – the comfort, luxury, and elegance of round bathtubs should not be overlooked. If you’ve ever asked yourself if round soaking […]

Revel in Luxury: The Imperia Bathtub, the Largest Stand Alone Tub Perfect for Two

large stand alone bathtub

Luxury, comfort, and style create the perfect harmony in the Imperia Bathtub, one of the crowning jewels of our Deluxe Collection. Hailed as the largest stand alone tub available in the market, the Imperia is a testament to bathing elegance, perfect for two and designed to transform your bathroom into a private oasis. Turn your […]

Can a Freestanding Bathtub Be Put Against a Wall?

freestanding bathtub against a wall

One of the main draws of a freestanding bathtub is that it can be installed (almost) anywhere! Whether you’re placing it in front of a mosaic wall or an accent wall, in front of a window, in an alcove, on a pedestal, or in the middle of the room – the beautiful possibilities are endless.  […]

Why Do People like Freestanding Bathtubs?

why are freestanding bathtubs so popular

There are so many reasons to love a freestanding bathtub! Not only are they very popular for home and hotel builders and designers to choose, but they are also beloved by the people who use them – whether that’s every day in their home or on vacation at a luxury resort!  Freestanding bathtubs are incredibly […]

Do Freestanding Bathtubs Have Overflows?

dp freestanding bathtubs have overflows

Yes, they do! It is standard in builder-grade bathrooms that use acrylic tubs to have an overflow inside the tub – an overflow helps stop the bathtub from overflowing and flooding the bathroom. Sometimes, when customers switch to a higher-end tub, they’re confused to not see an overflow.  The only T&L bathtub that comes standard […]

Are White Bathrooms Out of Style?

bathroom renovation white bathroom

White bathrooms exude cleanliness, which is what the bathroom is all about. Not only that, but white is classic and timeless, never going out of style. Even in 2023, all-white bathrooms are still the standard of luxury, and what many homeowners aim for in bathroom remodels and designs.  Primary Bathroom Remodel We are honored to […]

What are the Different Styles of Freestanding Bathtubs?

double ended freestanding bathtub

When you first start to search for freestanding bathtubs for your home or hotel remodel project, all of the various options can start to feel overwhelming! Single Ended Freestanding Tub Our custom designed, state-of-the-art single ended freestanding bathtub is the Rosebud. Raised on one end with an end drain (as opposed to center), this tub […]

58″ Alcove Bathtub

58" alcove bathtub

Today we are spotlighting the most comfortable one-bather bathtub on the market, that brings the perfect space-saving luxury to your small or alcove bathroom.  To top off the beauty of this bathtub, it was carefully and meticulously designed by Tyrrell and Laing founder, Glyn Laing.  In 2005, Glyn knew it was time to act on […]

Can You Put A bathtub Outside?

can you put a freestanding bathtub outside

Of course! Bathtubs make a beautiful addition to your luxury garden, patio, or other outdoor space. But before you go and put your bathtub outside, it’s important to know a few specifications about your tub, and the location you plan to place it.  For example, will the bathtub be exposed to direct sunlight for extended […]