We always enjoy hearing from our customers!

Paula Bennett:

“Dear Glyn and Jenna,

 I just wanted to let you know that every detail of working with you was all that I could have asked for. You both were prompt to respond to emails, always informative, unusually flexible and completely service oriented.

 I would recommend your company to anyone looking to enjoy the experience of purchasing furnishings for their bathroom.

 Best regards,



Mr. Holden:

“I had several questions concerning installing the tub. The numbers listed are for the owners and they pick up their own calls, If did leave a message they promptly called back. The owners are knowledgeable of their product and very helpful. It’s refreshing to deal with those who’s names are on the company. I highly recommend T&L for a quality product and first rate service. The tub is beautiful.”

“We purchased our tub in October 2014 as part of our master bathroom remodel….. more like transformation…

 By the way, my wife LOVES!!!!! this tub and now that the whole bathroom is done around it she has a sanctuary to go and relax after a long day here in the desert.

 I also want to thank you for your support after the sale, I can’t say enough about the help you gave us! I tell everyone that, while the tub is great it’s your support that is very important to me…. and you made this purchase a pleasure from start to finish.

 Thank You!”


Mrs. Nimergood:

“Thank you for all your help making my bath remodel awesome with the stunning T & L tub. I am so pleased to have this gorgeous unique tub in my new room. I sent a couple pics so you could see how we incorporated it into our room. Everyone who has seen the bath comments on the tub. We are so happy we found T&L and could add this to our dream bath. Have a great day and thanks for all your sales help and direction…You’re the best!”


Mr. Fogler:

“Our tub just arrived and it is beautiful. Glyn at Tyrrell and Laing was always available and gave us fantastic service. She responded to our questions immediately and sent a sample of the color. We were undecided as to where the tub would actually rest in our bathroom (diagonally or under one window) and she sent us a template of the size of both the top and the bottom of the tub so we could position it correctly. The template is very helpful when locating where the plumbing and drain needs to go too; that way all the rough work is done right with no surprises when the tub enters the remodeled area to be connected. This purchase was easy and done pleasantly with a very helpful seller. Thank you!”

“We bought a soaker tub from you over a year ago. This year we were able to finish the remodel and your tub is exquisite. The cast stone fits with the travertine floor and the travertine separate shower so much more than an acrylic tub. My wife has taken more baths in your tub in the 3 months since it was put in than in the six years we have lived here. We will never forget the great service you provided. And the tub template was invaluable in placing the plumbing correctly. The attached photos show the tub free floating on a travertine mosaic floor. We had a granite faucet pedestal made to match our vanity tops and used the existing faucets.

Thank you again for a great product and great service!”


Erin at Wright-Built, LLC:

“I bought 2 bathtubs and they are awesome! I was in search for tubs that felt solid, not cheap and light weight like most. These tubs are very well built and at a fair price. Delivery was quick and was crated very well. I will continue to do business with Tyrrell and Laing!”


Willoughby Construction:

“Tyrrell and Laing are one of the most excellent vendors we deal with. Their communication skills are top notch. Ordering was easy, delivery was on time and their products are a work of art. Thumbs up to T & L!”


Mrs Jones:

“They were highly professional, accommodating and helpful with all aspects of my design and purchase. They even held my order when my house was not completed on time. My tub and 2 vessel sinks were packed with care and arrived in perfect condition. They were always available both by phone and email. I highly recommend them over any big name store.”


Mrs. Mesch:

“I wanted to take a minute and review Tyrrell and Laing and Glyn Laing who is the President of Tyrrell and Laing International. I have ordered two different high end tubs from Glyn and with both orders the tubs were crated professionally and delivered with exceptional care. Because we ordered early the tubs were stored during the construction process and moved several times and yet we never encountered any issues. These tubs are incredibly sturdy and beautifully crafted. I find it difficult to believe that it is possible to do any damage because of the master craftsmanship and high quality product. In fact Glyn’s customer service is so exceptional that when an critical problem occurred due to no fault of her company (a contractor installed a huge mirror above the tub which failed causing the mirror to shatter in the tub) she went out of her way to send a repairman from Orlando to Ponte Vedra who spent an entire Saturday polishing out and repairing the surface. It did not matter how many question or concerns we had during the ordering process or the installation, she was always there to assist. I can tell you from experience that if you order from Glyn you will not be disappointed and will be rewarded with the finest tub money can buy. With both tubs we ordered we added the massage therapy feature and would never be without it.”


 Happy Designer:

“I discovered Tyrrell and Laing’s products online and selected one of their tubs for the new bathroom project that I am designer for. I was very pleased with my dealings with them. They are professionals with quality customer service, they deliver on time, and have beautiful products of exceptional quality and design. I highly recommend them.”


Jason M Hill:

“Recently I attended a wedding in Denver CO where my wife and I stayed at the Four Seasons Denver. We had a gorgeous suite on 14th floor with a beautiful view.

As it was a relaxing weekend without the children we decided to have a bath in the T & L Slipper bathtub in our suite.

What a wonderful experience, we enjoyed it so much I called T & L while in the bath to order a tub for my home in New York.

I HIGHLY recommend it!”



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