Aurora freestanding oblong tub
Soak up the luxury

Aurora Two Person Soaker Bathtub

A Modern Bathtub Design

The Perfect Soaking Tub

Soaking in a bath is one of life’s simple pleasures, which is why we’ve created the Aurora Freestanding Bathtub that perfectly meets the needs of today’s bathers.

Our beautiful black finishes provide a timeless sophistication to your bathroom retreat. Our classic white finishes are inviting and revitalizing. You will love your new T & L Bathtub regardless of whether you choose a traditional color scheme or a trendy one.

T & L Bathtubs are made in our proprietary InspireStone™ stone resin material. Our incredible formula is non-porous, stain resistant, warm to the touch and retains the heat of the water for a longer more enjoyable soak.

Aurora freestanding oblong bathtub
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Contemporary Bathtub Collection

Never underestimate the power of a long relaxing soak. 

Our Contemporary Bathtub Collection was meticulously created to offer a wide variety of designs, sizes, and colors. 

Available in solid black and white in matte and gloss options. We have added the convenience of shopping online or feel free to call us to place your order.


Aurora Bathtub Specifications