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Tyrrell & Laing testimonials

Tyrrell & Laing testimonials

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Wow, is just all I can say! I thought my marble floor was going to be THE WOW factor, but once my mom told me about how beautiful your bathtub was at the Four Seasons Orlando, I got the information and knew this tub was going to be a show piece! It truly is a show piece and puts a smile on my face every day!

We are not to completion as of yet, but when we are, I will send a photo to you! It is stunning! I also love the basins for our vanity! I so appreciated you working with me on a personal level and the attention to detail and customer service you showed me! Having a family business, we know that your level of service has been sub par!!! Kudos to you and your staff!!!

Best regards
Kim Moorhead


freestanding luxury Slipper bath

Slipper bath in Cindy Butler's bathroom

Dear Glyn,

I am a daily tub user and when it came to renovating our master bathroom, I researched tubs, which for me, meant needing to sit in tons of tubs until I found the perfect fit. I traveled from Maryland to Long Island, NY, to CT to to try out a T and L International tub among others. I knew from website pics that the Slipper was a beauty, but needed to test the fit and feel. What I found is that the Slipper IS the most comfortable tub I could have purchased. As a tall woman, I can even stretch my legs out fully. The fit against my back is perfect, and way more comfortable than that of the multiple brands I also tested. I highly recommend the Slipper.

As others have remarked, T & L customer service is simply top notch. You patiently responded to all of my many questions throughout my long inquiry process. Your responsiveness to my questions was speedy and efficient. I can't say enough about working with you and your company.

Thank you in advance for many a relaxing evening soaking in my beautiful tub. I am one contented customer.

Best regards
Cindy Butler


freestanding luxury Slipper tub

Slipper bath in the Four Seasons Denver

Dear Glyn,

Recently I attended a wedding in Denver CO where my wife and I stayed at the Four Seasons Denver. We had a gorgeous suite on 14th floor with a beautiful view.

As it was a relaxing weekend without the children we decided to have a bath in the T & L Slipper bathtub in our suite. What a wonderful experience, we enjoyed it so much I called T & L while in the bath to order a tub for my home in New York.

I HIGHLY recommend it! Good luck!

Best Regards,
Jason M. Hill


Dear Glyn

I am writing this letter as a testimonial for both the superior customer service and the high quality of the product produced by Glyn Laing and her team at Tyrrell and Laing International.

My husband and I are repeat customers of the luxury tubs created by Tyrell and Laing and have purchased both the Oceanus and the Adoni air spa bathtubs. Although we were already extremely impressed with the superb customer relation skills that were provided by Glyn in the ordering and delivery process,

we recently had a situation that would challenge even the best in service company. During our bathtub remodel process we decided on the installation of a very large decorative mirror on the wall next to the tub.

To our surprise and horror we returned from an out of town trip to find the mirror had fallen and shattered in what seemed to be a million pieces in the center of our beautiful new air spa tub! Suffice to say there was a lot of damage and we were concerned the tub would need to be replaced which we had just installed.

My first thought was to call Glynn and she would know what to do and if it was salvageable. She was calming and confident assuring me it could be repaired and even went to the time and trouble to schedule an expert from their Orlando location to come to Ponte Vedra Beach (more than two hours away to make the repair on a Saturday no less!).

Maurico arrived promptly at noon and working until 4:30PM worked some kind of magic that smoothed over the dozens of scratches and divots created by the broken glass and weight of the mirror. This was no easy task and we watched as he carefully filled, sanded, buffed and repeated the process. He was polite, professional and wanted to be sure I “felt” the surface to be sure it was as smooth as the day it was delivered.

It would have been easy for Glyn to tell us we needed to replace the tub, if her goal was revenue, but instead she focused on providing a superior customer experience and solved a problem that was not of her making. We would like to say to anyone who is considering the purchase of a luxury tub for either residential or commercial installation, my husband and I would recommend Tyrell and Laing over all others.

Although we have multiple homes and have purchased other products we would never buy anything else. We have found that Tyrell and Laing not only has a superior product which stands up to unexpected abuse but we have found Glyn to be honest, reliable, hardworking, conscientious and courteous.

Tyrell and Laing is a proven brand that can contribute to the joy and success in your luxury bathroom vision. I trust that the information provided will be of assistance and will be happy to provide further information, if desired.

Michael and Lauren Mesch


Hi there Jenna,

I just had to write to you to tell you how much we are enjoying our new tub! It is by far the most comfortable bathing experience I have ever had. I love it!! We will definitely buy another for our new home in Dallas.

Thank you for suggesting a change in model. This one is perfect! I will recommend your baths everywhere I go! I also appreciate the timely service and delivery.

Amanda Howard


Hello Glyn Laing,

My name is Greg LaMotte. I am the managing editor and evening anchor for the NBC television station in Billings, Montana. Prior to coming to Montana, I was an overseas correspondent covering the Middle East -- and a long time national correspondent for CNN working out of Los Angeles.

The only reason I mention this is because, as I have traveled around the world with a deep appreciation for art, I want to compliment your company for the exquisite artwork you bring to one's home. More specifically, the bathroom.

My wife and I decided to remodel our bathrooms and, in the process, I decided it would be a great idea to do a series of stories on bathroom remodeling, including a focus on the latest and greatest design ideas. I can't quite remember how I managed to find your website, but how fortunate it was for me once I did.

Well, not completely fortunate! We were blown away by the elegant simplicity of the Rosebud tub. But, after a little more research I soon realized artwork of THAT nature is beyond my means. Nevertheless, your designs are remarkable. No wonder the finest hotels from around the world want your artwork in their buildings.

By the way, after I found your website I ordered the brochure online. In ONE DAY the brochure was in my house. WOW. That's what I call an extremely responsive company. I applaud you. The reason I am writing is because I would like your permission to feature your designs in the series


of bathroom remodeling stories I'm working on. In other words, take video shots of the tubs featured in your brochure for the purpose of pointing out great design ideas.

They may not be affordable for everyone, but at least they can give consumers some ideas about how best to present their bathrooms. I can't emphasize enough my respect for the ability of your company regarding bathroom design. Absolutely remarkable and stunning.

My warmest regards,
Greg LaMotte


I really appreciated the outstanding service you provided; I rarely have this level of service in 15 years of experience in the construction business. I will keep you in mind for future projects involving a new design team.

Jack, Hotel owner Canada

Thank you for outstanding service and excellent quality!

Brenda, Arizona


I had a client that was wavering on specifying a tub from Tyrrell & Laing and was requesting a bronze - We show a white in our showroom and the client did not want to order the tub without seeing the tub in the exact finish (bronze). Glynn Laing opened up her warehouse to us and had her people uncrate a bronze tub for the client to see and even sit in - needless to say we got the order.

Mitchell Keith Tile and Bath


freestanding luxury basins

Adoni bronze tub at Della Terra

Della Terra suites feature sitting nooks with arched windows, see-thru fireplaces, soaking tubs before romantic water features, walk-thru jetted showers and private balconies with hot tubs. Della Terra expressed through the Italian language translates to of the earth. Each suite is designed to celebrate and embrace the earth's elements, seasons and skies.

We selected metallic stone tubs from Tyrrell and Laing for their beauty and uniqueness, the service, care and follow up by Tyrrell and Laing was a wonderful bonus!

Pam, Owner of Della Terra Mountain Chateau, Colorado


The product is well constructed and finished, and the experience in our recent Four Seasons Denver Private Residences project proved you have good production capacities and exceptional client response.

The Denver project had a supplier problem mid-construction, and your firm stepped up to the plate and corrected the issues in a most professional manner. I was also pleased with your ability to interpret my designs for the Oceanus and Isis baths with precision and attention to detail. I would be happy to work with you again on another luxury residential or hospitality project and would welcome any questions from others considering your talents.

Janice Clausen, Clausen Chewning Interior Design

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