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Island Tub Drain video and brochure

Freestanding luxury bathtubs brochure

The island drain connecting kit can be used in any free standing tub installation. It is best suited for installations when the contactor has limited or no access in new construction or a renovation. The ITD35 is also valuable after the installation if by chance another trade damages the tub or a minor adjustment is required. Removal is much easier.

This drain is also suitable for a “slab on grade” installation (tiled floor with only the drain protruding from the floor).

The drain is available in PVC, ABS or CAST IRON.

Please call please call us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Slotted drain installation

Freestanding luxury bathtubs brochure

Drain installation

Freestanding luxury bathtubs brochure

Care and cleaning

A simple guide on how to clean your bathtub and remove any unwanted stains.

CAD files

Download the specifications of our baths and basins as AutoCAD files.

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