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How to create a romantic bathing experience with our checklist

How to create a romantic bathing experience with our checklist with Tyrrell and Laing

Surprise your partner with an intimate, romantic evening of delight for the senses in a spa bath. It’s as easy as gathering a few things and running the warm water. Tyrrell and Laing Luxury bathtubs make it easy for you to turn any ho-hum night into a sensational relaxation experience, especially at the end of a busy and stressful week.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Rose petals
  • Bath oil, bubble bath or bath salts
  • Candle light
  • Romantic mood music
  • Chilled Champagne
  • Bath Loofah
  • Warm fluffy towels
  • Bath robes


Create and ambience and set the Mood

Choose a time when you know you won’t be disturbed. Turn off your mobile phones, dim the lights and place candles along a nearby vanity or surface edge. Subtle aromatic, scented candles of jasmine or lavender work nicely to fill the room with a pleasant aroma. Put on some romantic music to add to the mood and romance.

Prepare the Water

Turn on the water to a temperature slightly warmer than touch-comfort. Timing is everything so the longer the wait before arrival, the warmer the water should be to account for natural cooling over time. Select a scented bubble bath, bath salt or bath oil of choice and add it liberally as the water is running according to package instructions. Bubble bath will need to be refreshed with more running water as needed. Amp up the romance by sprinkling rose petals across the top.


A plush mat beside the tub will provide the visual invitation and path to the bath. Place a fresh thick robe within reach to ensure your love’s skin stays snuggled and warm after exiting the bath.

Please the other Senses

Place a bath caddy or serving tray nearby with a glass of red wine, champagne or similar with a cocktail napkin or cloth underneath to catch any spill – shatter proof glasses are best. Consider adding an ice bucket with the remaining beverage within easy reach for pouring more if desired. Add a selection of chocolate truffles or wrapped chocolates to sweeten the experience and tantalize the taste-buds. And for an extra expression of romance, position a flower or rose on the tray with a special note or poem.

Last Step


romantic bath

The T&L Imperia freestanding bathtub is the ideal luxury bath for two people.

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