A Little Privacy Please!

A Slip Away Spot at Home


Relaxation is the last thing in mind rushing from breakfast to school, from school to work, from work back to pick up the kids to then take them to soccer practice. Oh, and what about dinner and homework. By the way, what is for dinner?

mom cooking with child

After all “mommy duties” are taken care of and all seems quiet and calm (for now) it is finally time to slip into your own person sanctuary – your T and L bathtub.

It seems to be the only simple thing that has happened all day. The water runs and the bubbles start to grow as you gather your fresh towel and light a candle. You add some eucalyptus and lavender oil for the ultimate relaxation experience. As you step into your bathtub and lay back you begin to feel all of the stresses and responsibilities exit your mind and body. Ah, finally! You have waited for this all day.

The hot water and bubbles begin to do their magic.

Feet soaking in spa bath


You turn on your hot air massage and feel instantly as if you are in bathtub Heaven. The hot air bubbles work their way through your tight muscles and relieve the aches and pains throughout your body. You now feel rejuvenated and the thought of tackling tomorrow does not seem so bad.

Your end of day reward awaits, Super Mom!


Adoni Bathtub by Tyrrell and Laing

Tyrrell and Laing Adoni Bathtub

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