The Genius Behind Every Bathtub Design

The President of Tyrrell and Laing, takes us inside the design for a peek at the shapes that relax the world.

Glyn Laing, President and CEO, Tyrrell and Laing International
It started with a simple idea…



Glyn Laing is the president and CEO of Tyrrell and Laing International, Inc. featuring luxury bathtubs in 5 Star Hotels throughout the world. The superb craftsmanship and design that has taken her to the top is based upon the specific criteria of her enthusiastic clients/customers. Even so, Glyn focuses on luxurious style to inspire every unique product bringing the spa experience to your home.

From the early days she started with a simple concern for size and comfort; “what could be worse than trying to lie down in an uncomfortable bathtub?”

Eco Bathtub Drawing by Tyrrell and Laing International


Rough drafts were made of the concepts in mind. After the initial concept drawings were finished and the new tub design confirmed, a full size 3-dimensional model tub or “plug” was produced for in-person testing. Glyn personally assessed the tub for comfort before going into final stages of production.

Glyn Laing in Eco 2 Bathtub
Testing the Eco Bathtub


It’s clearly evident that the concerns of the customers continues to influence the design. As a result the unique qualities such as comfort and water conservation helps T & L stand out from the crowd.

“We have actually received phone calls
from people who experienced our bath in their
hotel room and simply wished to tell us
how splendid our tubs have made them feel.”



As Glyn states, “Our customers share their delightful stories and we’re always touched to be part of creation for such personal luxurious experiences. We will keep listening and bringing only the best to fine hotels and homes alike.”


Oceanus Bathtub, Four Seasons Resort, Walt Disney
Oceanus Luxury Tub at Four Seasons, Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, Florida

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