Imperia freestanding soaker bathtub

A freestanding bathtub makes an eye-catching centrepiece for any luxury bathroom


What better way to relax and de-stress after a busy day than in a freestanding luxury bathtub.

How do you choose a freestanding bathtub?

There’s a wide range of tubs on the market – copper tubs do look nice and retain the heat in the water but they are high maintenance in terms of cleaning to keep them looking good. Acrylic is another popular material but that tends to crack and fade over time. Natural stone looks beautiful but the weight makes it an impractical choice for most home owners and hotels.

When designing our baths we settled on a hard-wearing composite material that has the appearance and beauty of natural stone without the excess weight, which means our baths are suitable for installation within the average luxury home, apartment, condo or hotel. We also offer a range of luxury spa tubs.Warm air blown through a series of mini-jets creates a soft cascade of bubbles and a gentle massaging flow throughout the bathtub.

The ergonomic oval shape of our baths provides comfort and reduces the amount of water required to fill the bath, and the insulation properties of our advanced composite stone material helps keep the water warm a for a long, relaxing soak. Our Eco bathtub (see below) has generous dimensions, but uses only 160 litres to fill, which is why it has become a popular bath choice for eco-friendly homes and hotels.

Large bathroom space?

Make a bold statement with an Imperia or Oceanus luxury tub as the eye-catching centrepiece of a luxury bathroom.

Imperia freestanding bath

A large Imperia freestanding tub for two people

Oceanus freestanding bathtub

Oceanus  bathtub in the Gayatri Park Hyatt hotel, Hyderabad, India

Small bathroom space?

Don’t let a small bathroom stop you installing a freestanding bath. We have offer a range of small bathtubs including the water saving Eco and the innovative Rosebud – the small footprint makes this the ideal bath for your condo, or en-suite bathroom in a guest bedroom.

Eco freestanding tub

The Eco uses less hot water than similar sized baths

Rosebud small freestanding bathtub

The Rosebud is a small freestanding bathtub ideal where space is at a premium


For more information on the freestanding tubs featured in this article visit our website:

Imperia large soaker bathtub

Oceanus luxury soaker tub

Eco luxury small bathtub

Rosebud – the ultimate small bathtub

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