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Freestanding luxury btahtubs from Tyrrell & Laing

We offer contemporary freestanding bathtubs, air spas and basins with the look and feel of natural stone, but without the excessive weight. This means our baths are suitable for installation within the average luxury home, condo, apartment or hotel.

Our bathtubs are made of a crushed limestone with a polyester resin and a gel coat surface manufactured in a state-of-the-art plant in the USA and then finished by hand to create a beautifully smooth and lustrous finish – truly refined luxury.

freestanding luxury tubs

Jetted bathtubs and air spas

Our luxury air spa baths use warm air, which is blown through a series of mini-jets positioned flush and discreetly on the base of the bath creating a soft cascade of bubbles for a gentle massaging flow throughout the bath. The air travels upwards across the full length and width of the body, creating a massaging effect for the muscles to soothe and relax.

freestanding luxury air spas

Integral overflow

freestanding luxury bathtubs

Our integral overflow is a discrete slit on the inside wall of the bathtub which does not require extra plumbing

Key features

  • Our bathtubs have the appearance of natural stone but are lighter, so they can be safely installed in the average home.
  • The composite stone material is hard-wearing, stain resistant and easy to keep clean.
  • Our bathtubs are comfortable, warm to the touch and non-slip - they offer a sensual bathing experience.
  • We also offer a range of matching freestanding basins.
  • Eco-friendly insulation properties help maintain the temperature of the water in our bathtubs.
  • We offer a 10 year warranty.
Oceanus freestanding tub

Bathtub accessories

Soapdish accessory

We offer a chrome soap dish and grab bar as an option for our tubs with the wider rim. Please call for details.

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